The concept of New York Crew began in 2008 in Galati, in eastern Romania. Our founding members are Ionut Alessandru, Madalin Corneliu and Sabin-Emilian. Initially, the organization aimed to promote friendship and to fulfill the founders’ goals and initiatives, while still bearing an urban identity.


Graffiti under a bridge - the smell of fresh paint.


One name visible underneath - New York Crew.


A handful of youngsters embark on an adventure, aiming to follow their passions and make a change in society. Then, collaborations began: local DJs, MCs, graphic artists; they all helped raise interest in these activities and lifestyle considered to be niche.


Time passed and more and more people joined this movement, all with their own past, passions and dreams, but still sharing one common goal: giving back to the community and bringing to life the ideas that they believed in. This is how, in 2014, the New York Crew Association came to be, adding support for alternative sports and nature to the initial cause.


So how did this come to be? Nature is a place where time doesn’t exist. Wild and free. It is a place where you can enjoy a unique, vibrant silence. It’s so quiet that you can hear the beat of your own heart. We dream about this place when we are not there, when we feel trapped by the stressful environment of daily life, with all its constraints. But out there it’s just mother nature and us. It is a true privilege to feel like these wild spaces belong to us and we belong to them. We rush through our lives day after day, so full of obligations that we tend to forget about ourselves. It is said that ‘life is short’, but maybe it’s just long enough if you live it right. Here, in the heart of nature, doing what we love, we feel at home. This is our place of adventure, joy and freedom, and it brings the perfect contrast to the rush of urban life.


At New York Crew, we think that everyone should follow their passion and be good at whatever it is that they wish to do. However, there are many sportsmen out there that deserve recognition for the effort they have put forward in their quest toward mastery of their sport of choice. Be they ski racers, longboarding professionals, mountain bikers or many others, there are amazing people in this world who simply cannot step in the spotlight because media has become more about making money than about promoting values.


Since 2008, at New York Crew, we are looking for young, talented people who want to develop their skills by developing and implementing projects aimed at athletes, artists and the community, but also for people who follow their passions through their work or hobbies.

In 2020, we started The Outdoor Crew, an inside team made out of 100% alternative athletes and urban artists.

NewYorkCrew Association 49/17.10.2014; Tax ID: 33983241 / 19.01.2015

09, George Cosbuc Boulevard, ZIP Code 800378, Galati, GL, Romania

S.C. CEC BANK S.A., Galati Branch IBAN: RO17 CECEGL 0130 RON 0956588

E: office@newyorkcrew.us

W: www.newyorkcrew.us

The Outdoor Crew is part of the very first international e-NGO that promotes alternative sports and urban culture as a way of living and overcoming day-to-day challenges. We bring elegance, style and class to these activities so that they can be practised in safer environments, and in order for people to acknowledge and recognize their true value.

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