Why do we follow our passions?

Passion is one of the strongest emotions out there, and feeling it towards an activity can often keep said activity on your mind throughout carrying out your daily tasks. Following one’s passion is a means to cope with routine-generated stress by providing something to look forward to doing once you are done with the day’s assignments.

NewYorkCrew Association 49/17.10.2014; Tax ID: 33983241 / 19.01.2015

09, George Cosbuc Boulevard, ZIP Code 800378, Galati, GL, Romania

S.C. CEC BANK S.A., Galati Branch IBAN: RO17 CECEGL 0130 RON 0956588

E: office@newyorkcrew.us

W: www.newyorkcrew.us

The Outdoor Crew is part of the very first international e-NGO that promotes alternative sports and urban culture as a way of living and overcoming day-to-day challenges. We bring elegance, style and class to these activities so that they can be practised in safer environments, and in order for people to acknowledge and recognize their true value.

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